Best of Crazy Camping Tips for Exciting Experience

Camping Tips
December 1, 2016

Camping Tips And Advice For Beginner

Are you interesting to get exciting experience on your camping? Perhaps, you need to read this best crazy camping tips gracefully. Camping is one of an exciting and memorable activity. Usually this is hold in the unspoiled and cool wild place like in the mountains, lakes, hills, meadows and others. In there, we can breathe in free with fresh air condition, as a good solution to avoid fatigue in crowded urban air. In addition, camping can also eliminate the fatigue from the bustle of the work. It will be to recover it with the aim for getting the spirit began the day at work. Those are a little reasons of where there are many people who think that camping is a requirement that must be met on a regular basis.

Best of Crazy Camping Tips for Exciting Experience

Even though there are many people who know about the importance of camping activities, but just a few who know how to manage a right camping activity. Most of them just do a standard preparation or even getting in wrong on what they do, so that it’s not wrong if the get lost and problem when camping was done. If a problem occurs, then the goals and targets of memorable camping will be lost and cannot be obtained. Therefore, some of these tips bellow will be very suitable to be read, learned and applied so that you can enjoy your camping process.

Start from Determining ‘Destination’

The first camping tips that should be considered as important tips is where you need to specify the destination location where you will do camping. There are many options that can be selected. You could be camping in places that normally exist in nature which have the sensation of fresh air and coolness. All of it so you can get something you’ve planned to be obtained from the camping activities. If you do not have a goal plan, there will be no process of preparation and even there will be no camping. Therefore, make sure to note the camping destination selection as possible so you do not regret later.

You can determine the location of camping with attention to some things; for example, it’s determined by reason because the place is beautiful, safe, affordable, and never visited before. The types of locations also can be chosen by the quite diverse depending tastes and desires. You can choose camping to mountain or hill if you like higher place atmosphere which is cool and airy. If you do not like the cold atmosphere, you can try for camping on the beach or maybe even the desert. The important thing is that you love with the place and have a desire to perform activities of camping there.

Who Are Going There? With Whom?

The next thing that is equally important to consider in regarding who gets to go camping. Camping indeed be done alone or with others depending on what you want. If you like camping alone, okay, but you should be careful, especially if the place of camping you choose it less safe or quiet are not many people who were there. Selection of the most exciting activities is camping with friends in groups. This way is very good to do than if you go there alone. However, although with a teammate, but it will be a good thing to not go there with too many people in one group, it is enough just a few people only. It is for you enjoyable moment with friends so that there is no bored or in the contrary no disturbed moment.

If you really want to choose camping with friends in groups, it helps if you choose a friend you know it. Do not arbitrarily select a friend to go away, especially if you are the only woman. Probably will not be a problem if you are a man who was going to play with another friend for camping. In general, camping is done by people who like to something in the form of adventure. With camping, adventure can be very exciting and impressive. To have a excitement sensation while adventuring in camping, it is good also actually for inviting to go with funny friend so that along the way, you do not feel bored even there you will feel the sensation of excitement that no term fatigue.

Learn and Understand the Track Trip and Location

Camping TipsBefore preparing for something that should be taken when camping, you and your friends should learn the tracks of travel and location. It is quite important to learn that then you and your friends are not confused after plunging start traveling. The rest, this could be the best way to help you to not get lost in transit or climbing to the location of your camping destination. We often see and hear the climbers who want camping or who get into trouble like being lost and others. All of that happened because the assessment will track travel and actual site conditions are not well thought out.

Regarding the information material that we have to learn is actually easily available especially nowadays are available the internet. We can go to the official website of the place or location we are going camping. If indeed it is quite popular locations, will certainly be lots of several explanations, including the track trips and other conditions. In addition, we can also learn a variety of other information from a lot of people who’ve never done camping activity there. Information sharing of other people really helped even be able to explain the location where it will be our camping very clear. Today, to find information like that is really very easy to do because there are facilities are supported, it was different compared to last time.

List and Prepare All Items to Bring

Camping is different from when you go for a walk to the tourist sites when benighted could sleep in hotels and inns. At the time of camping, we must prepare and bring all the equipment needed to travel along both day and night. There is no place like the hotel because we had to blend with the overall nature of started going to come back home. Thus, we have to know that must write, prepare and pick some logistics and another things up. Here there are some points of things must be brought based on the priority:

1. List of the Particular Logistics to Pick up

In this section, you will find out about what is actually good that must be with you when camping. These items are part of a very major to take so you do have to take him. As these items are as follows:

  • Tent: The tents are a very important item for your obligatory even take it. Why should bring a tent? Yes, this would normally be used for shelter at night while we sleep. Regarding the tent, there are many types of tents that we can choose as well based on the size needed.
  • Sleeping bed: tent only protects the top usually, therefore you should bring to be able to sit and comfortable while sleeping. Well, sleeping bed becomes the next important item you should take it because it has many other advantages later.
  • Lighting: where camping is generally not lamp, therefore to be comfortable while camping, it helps if you bring a special lighting. Usually in special lamps that could be a major part which can indeed be able to light your tent.

2. List of the Private Goods to Pick up

  • Clothes: though not a lot, when going camping, you should bring clothes. It could be used to replace if worn clothes dirty or wet in the rain. If you are camping in a long time, then of course you have to change clothes regularly. When the place of your camping location is cold, perhaps it is very important for you to bring jacket or blanket and other warm clothes.
  • Personalized medicine: if you have a history of certain diseases, before leaving it helps if you bring personalized medicine. This is important because at the camping site will usually be difficult for you to get the drugs because it is far from aphotic. When your disease relapse, then you can treat it.
  • Electronic tools: because now we are in electronic era, then everywhere we could choose and bring these tools. We can bring these tools are fully together all their needs. Suppose you need to bring to men power bank for charging the mobile phones or other electronic devices.

3. List of the Needs of Food and Drink

Further luggage you should take is related to food and beverages. Yes, they become a very important part if it does not want to survival with what exists in nature. Sometimes to be survival with the needs that exist in nature, it is not enough. We need to do a few other ways to overcome hunger while traveling and camping. Inevitably we have to bring food and drink or even bring some portable needs to cook something while camping:

  • Instant Foods: one of the first ways we can do is to bring instant food ready to be served within a short time. That means we do not need to cook the food beforehand but stayed directly consume.
  • Uncooked Foods: In addition to instant food, we also should prepare and bring raw food to be cooked when it arrived at the camping place. There are several types of food that can be taken to be cooked on a camping depending on taste.
  • Drinking Water: drinking water that needs to be foremost we have to take it really. But when will go camping, you do not have to take too much water because it will bring you the weight of carrying. On the way or in a camping location, it will usually able to find the natural water from nature that you can take.

4. List of the Portable Cooking Ware

When camping, it is impossible for us could only eat by relying on instant food alone. We should do the cooking process to get new and fresh food. It could also be one way to get it all with a sense and a different image. There are some cooking utensils that we can actually bring to camping and everything was very nice to do. Some of the items that must be taken are as follows:

  • Portable Stove: if you really going to or want to cook something easy thing, then you can bring a portable stove. There are many types of small portable stove that you can take and is very useful when cooking in camping activities.
  • Lucifer; while for those of you who want to cook with fire burning, it is very important to bring Lucifer. Certainly, it would also be very useful to be used for many needs such as for a bonfire.
  • Particular Cooking ware: if you are going to cook, then you also have to bring some cookware is very important then this would be a great advantage profitable. If so, then you can easily cook anything you want to cook.

Other Tips for Exciting Camping

 Camping Trick

Besides a few tips above is actually still there are many other things that you should consider until you can search and find a large selection based on the results with targeted. If you expect and desire an exciting moment in this camping, then you must prepare well. In addition to some of the tips above, there are some other tips that will make your camping activity processes and become more impressive. All the things will be really incredible if you want to do all the tips above fully-seriously and well based on what must be done.

Do not forget to bring equipment such as camera because this is very important to make your camping memorable. You can capture every moment of start the way to the camping site, on-site camping to come home. Be sure to capture everything that there is a keepsake that you can save. Also, do not forget to carry first aid equipment is therefore very important. No one knows what happened, first aid is one of anticipation. All the things above are able to be called as the best and crazy camping tips.


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