The Ultimate Bowling Tips for Beginner and Advance Player

Bowling Tips
January 10, 2017

Bowling Tips For Beginner

Bowling tips is what are going to present and discuss on this article. Bowling itself is a popular sport and widely played by many people in many countries in the world. The game can be played by everyone from all backgrounds and ages both young and old. With a bowling game, they can feel the excitement and fun especially when played together with friends. Even for some people, the game is used as a regular agenda are conducted regularly. In addition, many special match held with the prize is quite tempting. It’s not wrong if there are many people who want to play so that they can get a chance to win the championship. Getting a championship, they can get much money and more than it getting a good reputation.

bowling tips

To get win in any game including bowling is certainly not easy. There are certain processes that must be executed gradually and comprehensively. Without through all the stages, it will be a difficult thing to be a winner. In order to be a winner, there are some things we should try to do them is to understand the game well comprehensively. Furthermore, it is also important to learn about a variety of important tips and tricks that have been proven to bring you to victory. To help you find the best tips and trick, it needs to learn about the ultimate tips whether for beginner or advance bowler.

Why is Bowling Tips Important?

Perhaps there are some who ask why we need tips on bowling? Sure, the answer of the question is very important for the reason that the game can appropriate and directed. Not everyone knows how to play good and right bowling. Moreover, in this game there are some rules that must be understood and adhered to while playing. If we are new, so it’s good to learn a few tips available. Likewise with who’ve been playing before, it’s good to continue learn some tips to improve skill in order to get the better results. It is especially for those of you who want to play the game for getting the winner of championship.

Start from Learning the Basic

Either you are beginner or advance player, understanding about basic things about bowling is very important to master. By mastering the basics, so we will be able to easily improve the skills and abilities at things more difficult later. As for some of the basic things that must be known and followed as tips is as follows:

What is bowling?

Bowling is one of a popular and fun sport or game. The game was run by means of rolling or throwing the ball to the pins by hand. Bowling ball thrown into the ten pieces of Pin. The more pins are falling, the more of value will be obtained.

What Does Need to Be Prepared?

Before starting to play, there are some things must be prepared. It’s related with the materials and tools that have been had and worn. If you want to buy the bowling ball by yourself, it is really important to be careful and hire the best ball. Then, wear a special shoes also that can keep you safe when playing.

How about the Rules?

The rule has also become an important part that must be considered and understood. Usually in every game there are 10 frames and each player gets a chance twice. There are three terms that are used (1) the strike (if the pin fall in the first throw), spare (the pin also fall in the second toss) and turkey (if the pin fall in the three chance of throws).

Learn the Assessment Procedure

The game ratings system also becomes something that is important to note before beginning to play bowling. In the bowling ratings, someone will get a score of 10 if can strike and then coupled with the next throw. The greatest value is 300 points which is obtained when 12 strikes in a row.

Ready to Play? Think First about These!

bowling tips

Once you understand the basic information about the bowling, the next thing to do is start playing. But before the play, there are some important tips that you should know and live well. It needs to be understood so that you can play safely and comfortably in accordance with the wishes of the future as what you hope and want. Here bellow there are some things need to think first and even again so that you can’t choose the wrong choice.

Where will You Play?

Before playing, surely you must choose and prepare a place where you will play. There are several options is whether to play in the arena of public or private place. If you do not have it yourself, then you certainly have to go to the arena and pay rent to play. Today, there are many alley of bowling that you can hire to be visited and rented.

Who are you going to play with?

You can play bowling alone or with your friends. If you play alone, of course it would not be so exciting. But if you want to play fun and exciting, then the best option is to play with your friends. There you can take turns so that there is a lot of hype and moments are quite different so that playing bowling will be more interested to do.

Pick and Wear the Safety Tools

Safety tools are the most important things must be used before you start playing. There are several safety tools that can be used one of them is special shoes. The shoe has a base made of leather and rubber so it will not be slippery. If you throw a bowling ball without wearing the special shoes, it will usually give a greater risk of falling.

Be Careful on Picking the Ball

Picking the bowling ball must be done carefully. It is because as we know that there are some types and sizes of the bowling ball. There are some things must be used as criterion including the gender, weight of body and age. For adult, it is usually popular to choose the bowling ball 7-8 kg (men adult), and 5-7 kg (women adult). Commonly, based on the rule, the bowling ball weight should 10% of body weight.

When Are Playing, Do These Tips!

bowling techniquesThe next tips you should do is to look at the way you play. At the time of play, there are some tips that should serve as a guide so that later can play well without something undesirable. If the play is not in accordance with procedures, it will usually appear some problems could even be dangerous to do. Here below are some tips that should be followed and do before you do start it or when you do it. What is it all? Let’s check out below!

Pay Close Attention to Posture Position!

Position of body posture becomes a cause for even important to note because it will determine how you play. Even if you are wrong in taking the wrong body position, then later the results will not be as expected. At least there are some positions from start to finish throwing a ball. First you have to stand up straight, and then grab the ball and throw. Actually in detail there are several independent techniques that you can learn. In detail, make sure for your body to get be relaxed where your knees be bent slightly.

Hold the Bowling Ball Correctly

Sometimes there are some people who still get wrong to hold the bowling ball. That is something that should be considered carefully because if you do not pay attention, it will be dangerous later. If you are holding a bowling ball was not right, the ball could have fallen and then overwrite the legs so dangerous. There are three holes sections on the grip ball when going to throw it. Make sure to make three holes are filled using the middle, sweet, and thumb finger where to find comfortable to avoid injury.

Keep Your Balance Well

Although it seems just need to pick up and throw the ball, but is actually not the case. There are several things that must be understood and carried out, including in terms of balance. That balance becomes an important part in bowling because the bowling we should hold fairly heavy bowling ball. Indeed, there are several options that can be selected but the ball if the ball is selected small, it’s hard to get a strike. Thus, it is a must to pick a heavy ball but it should be able to keep the balance.

Do not Skip the Line Throw

In each bowling alley, there is a special throw line to be limiting. Be sure to do you approach it but the line should pass through. If it passes the path, then this will be dangerous and it would harm the player. Why dangerous? That’s because in it there is an oil passage that serves to launch the pitch. It is required for all the player to not let the oil because it was trampled and can make you slip. In addition, to make you safe more, it is good for you to use safety clothes and shoes.

Want to Improve Your Skill? Follow these Simple Tips!

Once you try to play, certainly not just playing for fun. There will be a desire to play with the goal to get a win and benefit in many ways, including financially. However, to be able to achieve it all, the way is not easy. There are many steps that can be done, as well as some ways or tips that could lead us to achieve all that is expected of it. What are the tips? Here are:

Read and Learn Some Techniques

If you really want to have the skill to play bowling are qualified, then you should play with the technique. You can read and learn through many sources including books, magazines, or internet web page. You must read a lot as an enrichment technique as more and more good technique, the more likely we are to be able to win in the play. The most important thing is to learn the techniques that are updated and tested.

See How the Other Bowler Play

Then, you can also learn the ways and techniques from the other bowler. You just have to watch how the game process performed by the other players. By watching the bowler in match, you will also find a lot of inspiration as well as valuable knowledge that can give you the ease of play. All that will have an impact on improving your skill in playing bowling. They can even get a win when playing with the championship event.

Get Help from Professional Bowler

Other tips that you can try is to ask for help from a professional bowler player. It would even be better if you ask the help of bowling coach who has trained and well experienced. Today, we can find that there are some instructors we can hire easily. They can teach you many things, including how to play bowling is good and right. You can gain a lot of knowledge that can impact both on the development of your skills later on. You do not just play, but the opportunity to be a lot of opportunities to play with more advantages.

Get Fun but Keep Your Focus As Always

One advantage of playing bowling it is for the fun. Many of them went to the bowling alley to unwind and saturation with friends. Therefore, when you play make sure you fun and not so serious or misgivings. Play with fun and enjoy your game. However, you should not play for fun, but you must keep focused. Focus is very important especially if you want to play to develop skills to be better again in the future. If you can combine both of them, it can be right way for us to get fun on playing but still being possible to have a great skill.

Bowling is not easy to do especially if you are still a beginner. There are several steps that must be followed well and structured. Those are able being possible to build skills on playing bowling so that it can more proficient and professional opportunity to be a winner. However, if you are going to be able to get all of that, we need to be focus to learn more about the bowling tips.

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