Bonnaroo Camping Tips

Camping Tips
November 16, 2016

Bonnaroo Camping Tips – Bonnaroo 2016 is upon us, 000 persons returning to the gorgeous areas of Manchester, with 80, Tennessee for four times and times of musical debauchery and hedonistic escape about the anniversary celebration. You walked through the basic principles within our Bonnaroo Survival Guide, however for the countless amounts camping at Bonnaroo, an entire new amount of excitement awaits – and with it, a brand new group of problems. More particularly, this is planning to be your house for four times:

Bonnaroo camping

Bonnaroo Camping TipsAll walks of musical lifestyle are going to be stuffed like sardines that are sweaty by the tens of thousands. It may be a beautiful expertise, provided that prepared that is you’re. Once you understand your path through the endless supply of cars from your 55N or Road 24 (or 41 or. or 55S ah hell, simply follow the trail, there’s no secret shortcut), there are always a several critical facts to keep in mind whenever you get to your campsite. Happy for you personally, we’ve gathered them in a listing of 16 Bonnaroo Camping Methods.

1. Stay hydrated. Duh.

It’s obvious, a total nobrainer, but it’s the very first and last product on this record for a purpose. You’re going to work. Alot. Your pores will undoubtedly be taps, particularly when you are baked by the sun in your tent while you rest off the prior night’s enjoyment. Don’t be the man since you didn’t remain hydrated handed out under the pine by dusk on Friday. Free fill up stations throughout for camping it’s vital that you come prepared you some serious income while but as the playground can save having a few gallons per person.

2. Set your campsite up quickly

Make it early. Like, today. Significantly, stop reading this and get going. Gates open to individuals on Wednesday evening at 8pm, and by the swing of midnight it’s likely to be an unending beach of brakelights extending nearly to Nashville. Once you’re in likely to want to setup as quickly as possible to preserve things moving for all arriving behind you, along with to get involved with the ‘Roo action the moment possible! The tent city is a whole world unto itself…

3. Sun-shade

Your tent will experience more like a sauna not-long after the sunlight fails the skyline each morning. Whether a large elegant sun shade or mylar sheeting, be sure to have anything extra to cover your tent with to provide a couple of to oneself extra hours of sleep that is merciful. Rope and quilts , it’s a lot better than nothing, even when you’re turning to twigs.

4. Rain gear!!!

The works, ponchos clothing, ziplock bags, tent seam sealant – be ready for water, regardless of what the outlook calls for. It’s commonplace to see numerous downpours. If you’re for long lasting heavens are bringing down for you prepared, only a little water isn’t going to destroy your fun. A whole lot? Well… that’s about your attitude.

5. Towels

As well as showering, between whatever spills are destined to happen, the inevitable rain and the waters of sweat, you’ll wish a few towels regional to deal with whatever needs absorbing. Using a climate prediction searching like an unmerciful laugh in the gods, most of the difference could be made by it inside your camping experience.


Obtain a banner or mechanism and fly it above your tent. It may be a soul-crushing experience to land around trying to find your tent one of the tens of thousands on the fields of ‘Roo when you’re exhausted in the sunlight at the long day of rockin’’s end.

7. Support

Whether covers, an inflatable raft, an air bed or even a camping station, you’ll desire something to give somewhat power to you off the hard floor. Resting the day’s off indulgences and ventures will soon be far more easy when you’re not investing the night trying to understand around a rock poking at the underside of the tent with you.

8. Supporter and

from the blistering mayhem of cooking and humidity heat, you’ll locate a small relief with a battery-operated lover, particularly one with the attached mist. Provide batteries, obviously.

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